one:fly – Pure electric with two hours range in 25 knots

A smooth and fun ride combined with excellent fuel efficiency

Elektrofoil presents one:fly, our first market available product with Foiltwister technology. It is a small hydrofoil boat with a design made by The Mannerfelt Design Team. First deliveries will be in 2019. one:fly can carry up to four people. It flies about eight inches above the surface which means that it can be used with a standard outboard engine (petrol or electric). Measured fuel consumption with a 30 hp petrol engine is 0,20 liter/nm at a cruising speed of 24 knots. And with an electric motor the range will be 2 hours at 25 knots. It can easily be transported on a standard boat trailer.

Technical data:
Length: 16 feet (approx 5 meters)
Weight without engine: approx 380 kg
People: 4
Motor: 30 hp (standard, long shaft)
Fuel consumption: 0,20 liter/nm at 25 knots
Range with electric motor: 2 hours at 25 knots

Price without engine: approx €35 000 plus VAT

Available custom options:
Electric powered

one:pod (EFP Exclusive)

Mannerfelt-designed hydrofoil boat that builds on the FT58, our first fully proprietary carrier plan boat.

one:pod flies significantly higher than other models. The power source is a proprietary electric motor in POD design. The length of traditional outboard engines no longer restricts the product, so we have the freedom to fly high above the waves on a windy bay. As the engine underneath the water powers the boat, the journey will be experienced quietly and very pleasantly. This delicious bite will be a little more expensive, but we are convinced that customers will be delighted. There is no better way to move on the lake by motorboat – sailors will be jealous! The timetable for completing this “Lady” depends on
the interest!

one:carrie (EFP28)

An upcoming major transport boat aimed for both individuals and commercial actors. Power source is a 200 hp standard outboard engine with ultra long shaft. The first product will be available in 2020.

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